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Sexton Business Group

We are a unique Austin business broker specializing in the confidential sale of Austin businesses. If you are a business seller or a business buyer then let us show you how we can help you. Contact us today for a no obligation consult. We believe in building relationships rather than applying pressure. You may have already experienced the ways of other Austin business brokers now experience our way.

Confidential Processes Are Critical To Our Services!

We are specifically trained in the confidential sale of existing businesses to qualified buyers. Our first priority is confidentiality using non-disclosure agreements and we protect confidentiality before - during - even after the sale as the new owner does not want us telling the world that ownership has changed. You have our guarantee!

Dear Business Seller,

Confidentiality is Priority #1. Our 1-on-1 philosophy is a systematic approach to selling a business. As the business owner, you become an integral part of the process because who knows your business better than you? NOW I ask you to take a moment and schedule a NO OBLIGATION meeting with us so we can present our unique services.


Joseph Sexton, Broker Owner

Use the form below to schedule your no obligation meeting or call Joseph Sexton at 505 796-8460. Confidentiality begins the moment that you contact us.

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We have a unique system where we represent our clients start to finish!